Salt & Light

You are the salt of the earth.
You are the light of the world.

Matthew 5:13-14

Salt and Light (SAL) ministries are designed to meet the needs of people where they are.  Going beyond the traditional forms of outreach, SAL is involved in community service, home visits to shut ins,  ministry to the widows and orphans, hospital visitation as well as door to door evangelism.

Meet at the Wellspring Campus on the first Saturday morning of the month  at 10:30am 

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

Matthew 20:28 clarifies that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. We, being created in the image of God are also called to this same life style.  You were created with unique and personal gifts both spiritual and carnal that can be harnessed to further the kingdom  of God. 

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

We would love to connect with you to learn about your kingdom gifts.  Contact one of our Leadership Staff Members to set up a time for you to meet with us.  There are always places for you to  volunteer. 

How do I volunteer with kids?

We take the security and wellbeing of our Spring Up Kids very seriously. Because of this, before a person is allowed to volunteer to these capacities they must meet one on one with Pastor and Sis. Rios and be approved to serve in this position. It is never our goal to keep anyone from serving in any way, but safety must be the priority.  Please contact Sis. Shera Rios for more information regarding volunteer information. 

How do I volunteer with music?

Sis. Shera Rios is the leader of our Music Department at Wellspring. We believe in dynamic, expressive and sometimes loud praise and worship. You can locate Sis. Shera's contact information on our Leadership Page. 

How do I volunteer with students?

It is a goal at WCC to provide a positive alternative event for our Overflow Young people to take part in most weekends throughout the year.  This also means that we stay very active.
For more information regarding Overflow Events as well as how you can get involved you can contact Sis. Cynthia Cummings or visit the Overflow Youth Page. 

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.